Athletes lead elementary, middle school pep rally


Photo by Maile Sur

Senior football captain Chase Newton carries first grader Kamahaʻo Akima across the finish line during a relay race at Kahekili Gymnasium yesterday, September 24. The high schoolʻs fall sports captains were at the lower campuses to bond with the younger students and promote the homecoming game this Saturday at 7 p.m.

Selected high school athletes went up to Kahekili Gymnasium yesterday, September 24, 2014, to lead the elementary and middle school campuses in a pep rally for Spirit Week.

“We used to have these [pep rallies], but we havenʻt for a number of years,” high school vice-principal Mr. Leo Delatori said. “It builds the relationship.”

Among the high school athletes, were captains from each of the fall sports teams: football, bowling, air riflery, cross country, volleyball and cheerleading.

The high school athletic director, Coach Blane Gaison, said it would be good for the students to get exposure and build a relationship between the three campuses. He said that he wanted the students of the younger grades to look up to students at the high school.

He related the campuses to the ahupuaʻa of old, saying that the Maui campus was built just like the way Hawaiians used to live, from mauka to makai.

“I want to be someone that everyone looks up to and aspires to be,” senior cross country captain Mia Czerwinski said.

Senior varsity cheerleading captain Haliʻa Kekuewa and senior football captain Chase Newton opened up the event by thanking the other campuses for letting them be there. Then, they invited the younger students to come out to the homecoming game on Saturday against Lāhainaluna High School.

The entire middle school campus was dressed in white, whereas the elementary campus was wearing blue. Wearing the two school colors was meant to promote school spirit.

To excite the crowd, the cheerleading teams taught everyone two cheers, “Rowdy” and “Lean.” Students and faculty got on their feet and cheered along.

After that, one student and faculty member were chosen randomly to compete in a relay race. Mr. Lemoe Tua, the elementary physical education teacher, and first grader Kamahaʻo Akima represented the elementary, whereas Christian Education teacher Kumu Kanani Franco and seventhth grader Haku Dudoit were selected for the middle school.

Each team was required to run from one end of the gym to the other, put on a football uniform, and run back.

To hinder his opponents, Coach Tua blocked Kumu Kanani from getting her uniform. After she got it back, high school football players Newton and Colton Cabanas helped Akima put on his uniform.

Dudoit, being a football player himself, had no problem putting on the uniform, and he and Kumu Kanani came out victorious.

“It was fun!” Dudoit said. “I came in second, but my team won.”

To help the elementary school, Newton grabbed Akima and carried him to the finish line.

To conclude the event, Kumu Kanani and Mr. Clarke Tuitele led everyone in singing the schoolʻs alma mater, “Sons of Hawaiʻi.”