Warriors cruise past Spartans 6-1

boys soccer now at 2-0


Photo by Kainoa Deguilmo

Elias Rivera receives a pass at the boys soccer game against Seabury Hall on Saturday, December 13. Under cold and windy conditions, the Warriors prevailed, 6-1, and won their second straight game of the MIL season.

Boys soccer cruised past the Seabury Spartans, 6-1, on Saturday at Seabury Hall. junior Brennan Joaquin scored 2, senior Micah Alo scored 2, sophomore Kelaula Keli’ikoa scored once, and Junior Nainoa Silva scored once.

Seabury’s Duncan Harrison scored once during the second half.

“I’m very proud of my guys, every guy contributed to tonight’s win,” said Coach Kyle Herendeen, who improved to 2-0 as head coach.

“The best thing about those goals was that those weren’t individual works, no single guy made that possible, it was a team effort,” he said.

“Tonight’s performance showed me a lot of potential, and what we’re capable of doing,” he said. “I’m also glad because this is what I expected out of them.”

Despite the score, the Spartans continued to play hard against the Warriors.

“Tonight I’m proud of these player’s efforts,” said Seabury Head Coach John Guarin, “They didn’t quit and they all gave 100 percent.”

Both teams came out playing hard and flying to the ball, but the Spartans’ goalie seemed to be in all the wrong places at all the wrong times. The Warrior manipulated him into coming far out into the box, allowing them several, but not all, easy scores.

“I knew that they’d [the Warriors] be a difficult team to beat,” Guarin said. “We had small problems and some miscommunication but they [the Spartans] played great. I’m proud of our effort and the chances that we created.”

However the Spartans took this as a learning experience for the future.

“We just have to get back to work,” Guarin said.

Senior Micah Alo had a good day, scoring two goals. One of them was scored in the first half and the other in the second.

“The first goal, I got a super nice ball from Nainoa [Silva],” Alo said. “The second one, Bryant [Kubo] hooked me up.”

The team created some nice mismatches that led to big opportunities in this game.

“I’m super proud of how we played today, as a team,” Alo said.

Last game, the Warriors had a slower start against the Bears, who they defeated 1-0, struggling to find an that one opening to score. In this game, they game out firing.

“This game, I think we were a little more focused. Last gam,e our team was a bit flustered, but tonight we really calmed down,” Alo said. “It helped, because Seabury is a really good team with great players and excellent coaches, but from here we just have to continue working on getting better.”