Experienced boys basketball Sabers beat Warriors


Photo by Destinee Murray

Sophomore Jacob-Charles Espania goes for the rebound last night against Maui High. The game ended with a win for the Sabers, 69 – 41.

The Maui High basketball boys celebrated their spirit week with a 69-41 win against Kamehameha at the Sabers’ home gym.

Before the game began last night, Maui High’s band filled the bleachers across from the spectators and built up a lot of energy in the crowd. The fans cheered and clapped along to the beat as the basketball players for both teams were getting ready.

Maui High scored the first shot; then, Kamehameha junior Maikaike English scored two points for his team. The tie didn’t last long with senior Saber Tristan Nichols scoring continuously until the score was 18 for Maui High and 4 for Kamehameha.

With less than a minute left in the first quarter, the score was 20-7, with the Warriors behind by 13 points. After a Maui High time out, the quarter ended 22-7, with the Warriors trailing.

Kamehameha started the second quarter with possession of the ball, but Maui High managed a steal and four more points. Warrior seniors Zackary Lopez and Dayson Damuni each scored two points on free throws.

Maui High continued to score on the Warriors, ending the second quarter in the lead 43-18.

During halftime, the Maui High student body president and vice president introduced the junior boys cheer group to perform their routine and get the crowd hyped. Then they announced the winnere of each of the spirit week events that took place this week. Seniors were the overall winners.

They also recognized their spirit court, which included one male and one female representative of each sport at their school.

When the second half began, Warrior Keawe Rindlisbacher scored on two free throws, Nichols scored two, Espania scored three, and Nichols scored two more points.

Espania hit another 3-pointer, but the Warriors ended the third quarter still behind 56-26.

The fourth quarter started off with the Warriors calling a timeout. Once the game was back in play, English and Damuni both scored, which resulted in Maui High calling a timeout.

As the clock counted down the final minutes of the game, the Warriors made a few baskets with sophomore Keo Chun scoring three points and Espania scoring two.

Maui High scored eight more points, and the Warriors called another timeout.

With less than a minute left, the score was 68 – 38 and Maui High scored one more point. As the time reached less than ten seconds, Espania made a last 3-pointer, and the crowd went wild.

One third of Kamehameha’s boys basketball team are sophomores.

“Maui High is well coached and more experienced as a team,” said Head Coach Chad Kalehuawehe of the Warriors.