Legion of Boom speaks to Kamehameha students


Photo by Kainoa Deguilmo

Malia Yonemura, Ayla Forsythe and Sarah Catugal take a selfie with the Seahawksʻ Richard Sherman at an assembly on Thursday, April 16. The professional football player and other Seahawks were on Maui to meet and train on the campus this week.

Part of the Seattle Seahawks spoke to students as an expression of gratitude for the campus’ hospitality while they used the school’s facilities for meetings and training this week.

During yesterday’s assembly, the players talked about working hard and being dedicated. Each of them shared some knowledge about what it took for them to get where they are today. Among the players were Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Chris Matthews, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham and Luke Wilson.

“I’m really grateful and for this school and community accepting us and allowing us to use their facilities,” Russell Wilson said.

Wilson flew his teammates out to Hawaii to bond and also to train. He said he wanted somewhere private to train.

“It’s important for teammates to fine tune with each other,” Wilson said. “Time has to be invested.”

Wilson and the rest of the team explained the importance of giving 100% in everything they do and being respectful. The players also talked about taking education and academics seriously.

“I think that education is huge,” Wilson said. “I think that having respect for people is also very important.”

Coach Blane Gaison, the Kamehameha Schools Maui’s athletic director, was the first to know about the Seahawks arriving. He said that he received a call from a local travel agent. The agent had a friend that worked with the Seahawks and inquired about the trip. Russell Wilson’s manager also wanted to meet with Coach Gaison. The purpose of this trip for the players was a small team retreat.

Coach Gaison, a former NFL who played for the Atlanta Falcons, understands the significance of the Seahawks presence on campus.

“I’ve been on that side [professional football],” Coach Gaison said. “It’s the popularity of the sport, being a professional player. Here in Hawaiʻi, we’re not exposed to the same opportunities as other places are in the mainland.”

Gaison also reflected upon what the Seahawk players talked about.

“Many people tend to put them on a pedestal, because of their status,” he said. “What they don’t realize is that they’re no different than them. They are normal people, like us, but they have put in a lot of hard work into their accomplishments and to get where they are now.”