10 seniors sign National Letters of Intent


Photo by Quinn Williams

The seniors signed their National Letters of Intent committing them to play collegiate sports on Wednesday April 15 in the Charles Reed Bishop Learning Center.

Ten seniors signed their National Letters of Intent on Wednesday April 15 at Charles Reed Bishop Learning Center.

The 9 boys and 1 girl all signed on with schools where they will go on to play collegiate level sports. One senior signed to play softball, 5 signed to play football, 2 soccer, and 2 swimming.

Ceidilee Nobriga was the only girl to sign. She signed to Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, Oregon, to play womens softball.

Aaron Kokubun and Brennon Aloy both signed to Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, to play football. Linfield is a Division 3 school.

Keoni Keanini and Chase Newton both signed to Chabot College in Hayward, California. Chabot is a 2-year community college. Both will play football.

Hayden Franco signed to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Pacific is a Division 3 school. Franco will play football.

Micah Alo, this year’s MIL Player of the Year, signed his Letter of Intent to Dominican University of California where he will be playing soccer. Dominican University is a rival school to Notre Dame de Namur, where his brother, alumni Chandler Alo (ʻ10), attends.

“I’m really excited to play versus Chandler, we have always been rivals, and always played on the same team,” Alo said.

Originally planning to join Micah, Colton Cabanas recently changed his mind and committed to Notre Dame de Namur instead to play soccer. For a while, Cabanas went back and forth, trying to decide whether to play soccer or football.

“At first I just tried to keep all my options open,” Cabanas said.

Spencer Shiraishi was one of two that signed for swimming. He will be attending Whittier College in Whittier, California. Whittier is a Division 3 school.

Taylor Lee also signed for swimming to Whitworth University in Spokane Washington, also Divison 3.

All seniors will be attending their schools next fall.