Girls volleyball rolls over Bears

win in three sets by big margins


Photo by Alyssa Urayanza

Kylee (Kaala) Corpuz (12), Selai Damuni (3) and Kylee Yamashita (13) as Lana Chong Kee communicates with them between serves at their match against Baldwin High School on Friday, August 28. The Kamehameha girls came out on top by winning all three sets.

The Kamehameha Maui girls volleyball team won all three sets in their second match of the Maui Interscholastic League season against Baldwin on Friday, August 28 at the Baldwin High School gym.

In all three games, the Warriors kept the Bears in the single digits on the scoreboard.

“I think we did good,” sophomore Shaina Uyechi said, “considering that we played at our pace and didn’t step down to their level.”

The girls began their match in the first set by scoring the first point and creating a five point lead ahead of Baldwin. They slowly increased their lead, and by the time the referee called the first time-out, the score was 2-11. The final set score for the first set ended at 25-7.

During the second set, both Baldwin and Kamehameha girls had some amazing saves. However, the Kamehameha girls had eventually built up a 21-point lead and ended the second set with a score of 25-4.

The Bears had a few more good saves and scored the most points during the third set. Even though they had already won the last two sets, the Warriors did not lose any intensity and the third set ended with a score of 25-8.

During the match, the Baldwin players used a lot of “fakes” to try to distract the girls. For example, one girl would call out for the ball and jump up for a serve, but when the other team went up to block her spike, the setter would set the ball to another teammate on the opposite side to go for a spike. Although they did this several times, the Kamehameha girls were not fooled.

According to Coach Bala Spencer, the girls continuously run through and practice these type of plays at practice, and that is how they were able to avoid losing those points.

“We just practice a lot of plays,” Coach Bala said. “They think it’s boring because they do it all the time, but it’s just repetition.”

During practice, the girls practice about ten different plays, but only use four or five of them during an actual match. He plans on introducing a new play for use during their next match against King Kekaulike on Wednesday, November 2 at Kamehameha’s high school gym.

“We [will] focus on our next match, which is [King Kekaulike]. It’s a big match because they were defending champions last year. They’re a good team, and we feel we match up pretty well with them,” Coach Bala said. “We’re going to focus on taking advantage of their [weaknesses] and hope that they don’t take advantage of ours.”