Warrior bowlers beat Sabers


Photo by Faith Owan

Co-Captain Russell Nagamine practices his technique before the bowling meet against Maui High on Saturday, September 19, at the Maui Bowling Center. The boys won 3-0, and the girls won 2-1.

WAILUKU–The Warrior boys and girls bowling teams were victorious against Maui High yesterday, Sept. 19, at the Maui Bowling Center.

The boys team won 3-0 against the Sabers, and the girls team won 2-1.

“We could have done better,” sophomore John “Kahaka” Viado said, “but all in all I think we did pretty good.”

In the first game, the boys won 684-550, while the girls won 643-604. The boys continued their victory with a 618-470 win in the second game, but the girls fell behind when the Maui High girls won 666-549 in the second game.

“We definitely need to focus on our mark more,” senior Chrystal Cardoza said. “I think we just have to relax; that’s the main thing.”

The girls came back and squeaked by, winning their third game 612-584, while the boys continued their winning streak in the third game with a score of 708-463.

Maui High Coach Scott Gushikuma was proud of his bowlers.

“It’s always a learning experience,” he said. “We always do good, and we can always do better, and that’s all that matters.

Even though the Kamehameha boys team won each game, their scores didn’t reflect how well they’ve done in the past.

“I’ve seen the highest scores that we’ve gotten, and I believe that we can do a lot better,” senior Tyler Lum said.

The next bowling meet will be against Baldwin High School, on Saturday, October 3.

“To go to States, the boys have to win all three games, and the girls have to win all three games,” Viado said.

Coach Rodney Carillo believes that the boys “just [need] to be more focused next time.”

“We can beat [Baldwin], I know we can,” Coach Carillo said about their toughest competitors. “They’re good enough to beat them.”