Ikioka, Williams sign Letters of Intent


Photo by Kainoa Deguilmo

Sarah Ikioka and Quinn Williams sign their Letters of Intent at the Charles Reed Bishop Learning Center on Wednesday, February 3. Ikioka will be playing tennis at the University of Redlands, and Williams will be playing soccer at Concordia University in Portland.

Seniors Sarah Ikioka and Quinn Williams signed their National Letters of Intent on Wednesday February 3, 2016. Ikioka committed to the University of Redlands in Redlands, California, for tennis. Williams committed to Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, for soccer.

“I feel relieved,” Ikioka said. “It’s nice to have this process done with, and I’m just stoked that I finally chose a school.”

Ikioka went on a number of college visits, but the Redlands visit stood out the most. She said that she has been Redlands’ number one pick since she was a junior.

“I really loved the coach, because he reminded me of my own coach [on Maui],” she said.

During her years of playing at Kamehameha, she and the tennis team have gone to the state tournament every year since she was a freshman. Over the years, they have placed fourth, third and then second. Last year Ikioka was MIL co-player of the year. She tied with fellow senior and teammate Kylee Kato.

Ikioka is looking forward to playing tennis at a collegiate level.

“I’m excited to see the level of play at Division III,” she said. “And I’m also looking forward to bonding with the players I will become family with.”

Mr. Ulima Afoa, athletic counselor at Kamehameha Maui, welcomed everyone and explained the process of the Letter of Intent and what it means for the athlete.

“They are very fortunate,” he said. “It’s very hard to earn this opportunity, and this is a reward for them.”

Mr. Afoa explained how this signing is a major step in their academic and athletic journey.

“It helps them get closer to their athletic and academic goals,” he said. “Being an elite athlete only lasts for a small part of your whole life, [but] academics are very important.”

In addition to athletics and academics, Mr. Afoa said, signing with a college team also helps with grants and financial aid.

Although athletic scholarships are not awarded at Division III schools, Ikioka said that she has received an academic honors scholarship that is roughly half of her tuition for all four years. According to the University of Redlands website, a year of tuition for the 2015-2016 school year cost $44,550.

Williams also received a scholarship for 90% of her tuition costs, which can be re-earned annually. Undergraduate tuition at the Portland school runs $27,900 for two semesters, according to the Concordia University site.

Mr. Afoa attributes these opportunities to the hard work of the girls.

“It takes a lot of hard work and talent to make it this far,” he said. “They’re just going to have to keep working hard and kick their game up a level.”