Softball: Bears climb over Warriors


Photo by Riann Fujihara

Junior Bryana Yoshida winds up to hit the ball pitched by Melia Kama. The Baldwin softball team defeated the Warriors, 11-1, at Patsy Mink Field, 6 p.m.

KAHULUI – When she arrived at the windy Patsy Mink Field, Coach Sanoe Kekahuna of Baldwin High School had a goal in mind for her team. After their 11-1 victory over the Warriors, she was happy to say that they achieved it.

The Bears are currently holding the first seed spot in regards to the Maui Interscholastic League.

“We have worked on a lot in the past couple days, more on the mental side than the physical side. So I hoped that what we put in the work during practice has been able to get through to our players, as well as the coaches. And what we hoped is exactly what happened,” Coach Kekahuna said.

The Bears had a strong lead on the Warriors from the beginning of the game. The first inning ended 7-1, and the second inning gave the Bears another point, putting them seven points ahead of the Warriors.

“We played our ball, that’s Baldwin softball, and the best way we know how is just basically come firing every game,” she said.

In the third inning, Kamehameha’s senior second baseman Kyana Nagasako and freshman Lauren Almeida made two solid hits. The pitcher for the Warriors was freshman Melia Kama, and she pitched fairly consistently throughout the game.

Although the Warriors were defeated, they are second in the league as of now. They have two more games left in their season against Lahainaluna and Baldwin again.

Senior Destynee Albiar believes that the Warriors played as a team, and she is proud of their performance.

“In the beginning, we started off hitting strong so that was really good. Also, we talked, and the communication throughout the game was really strong, so that’s always a positive,” she said.

You can support the Warriors at their next game against Lahainaluna on tomorrow night at Patsy Mink Field at Maui High School, 6 p.m.