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Savannah Rose Dagupion, Editor

Back for another round of production, senior Savannah Rose Dagupion hopes to take this year by storm, continuing the issues of Nā Koa magazine and making a name for herself before she heads to the collegiate level of journalism. This year, her goal is to refine her skills and apply herself to rigorous assignments in order to prepare for college. 

Being a lifer, this last year for her is really bittersweet, so she hopes to end her high school career in the best way possible--even during COVID-19 times. She is motivated to maintain her extreme work ethic all while enjoying her last moments with Papa ʻIliahi, Hawaiian Ensemble, and her favorite kumu.

She wishes that her portfolio and legacy will open up the eyes of underclassmen, so they feel encouraged to make the literary arts endorsement thrive. 

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Savannah Rose Dagupion