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Whats Up Warriors, digital video production

Whats Up Warriors video segments are produced by students of the Digital Video Production 2 class at Kamehameha Maui with support from DVP 1 and adviser Mr. Jay Paa.

For 2014-15 senior members of the DVP 2 team are:

Kaala Foster
Jackie Gorman
Josh Hiwatashi
Shai Ibara
Aaron Kokubun
Carolynn Krueger
Jacob Lum Lung
Jaye Orikasa
... and DVP 1 class members are:
Hiilei Aniban
Noa Auweloa
Ayla Forsythe
Prince Kekona
Kaisyn Lee
Kaupena Morando
Keola Paredes
Malia Yonemura
Postscript: Over the years, there has been much discussion of the title of this team. Is it What's Up Warriors, Whats Up Warriors, What's Up, Warriors, What's Up, Warriors?, Whats up Warriors?...well, you get the idea. So as not to confuse computer search engines, the DVP team will be referred to as Whats Up Warriors on our website.
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