Last-minute Halloween fun: 5 costumes, 5 minutes


Five quick and easy costume ideas for a festive Halloween.

By Kiana Kamalu, Op-ed editor

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re scrambling around at the last minute, have no fear! Five costumes in five minutes is here.

Here are five quick costumes that you can create with stuff in your home, and they won’t cost you a cent or leave you trampled by a pack of desperate housewives.

1. Ghost: Probably the simplest and fastest costume but a real Halloween classic. Get a white sheet big enough to cover your body, snip a few holes for your eyes, draw a spooky gaping mouth, and presto! You are a spooky creature of the night!

2. Tourist: It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, these people are easy to spot. You will need an aloha shirt, a pair of shorts (plain beige, or better yet, plaid), tennis shoes, white tube socks, a camera, straw hat, and an excited attitude. For extra effect: slather a thick layer of sunscreen on your nose.

3. Gypsy: Feeling fun and mysterious? Try this costume on for size! Just put on all the shiny jewelry you can find (especially big gold hoops if you have ’em), a full and flouncy skirt (colorful, preferably with sequins or beads on it), a long black shirt, a shiny scarf to wrap around your head, and some sandals. Bohemian chic! For an added touch, add a glass ball or pack of tarot cards if you have them.

4. Exercise Extremist: Everyone exercises at least once a year, usually Jan. 2, so there has to be some form of workout clothes in your closets and drawers. For the excercise extremist costume, you will need running shoes, socks, basketball shorts, a T-shirt or a P.E. shirt, an iPod (or other music player) with ear buds, sweatbands for your wrists (make a pair out of the tube part of an old pair of socks), a water bottle, and a headband. Muss us your hair, put on your really pumped up face and you are ready.

5. Baker: If you like food (and who doesn’t), try your hand at this baking costume. You will need long pants (black, dark, or black and white checks), a white apron or a folded white sheet, a mixing bowl, and a whisk or wooden spoon. Any type of shirt and shoes can work for this outfit. Sprinkle flour all over your clothes and on your face, and toss a kitchen towel over your shoulder. You can also add a white poofy hat (or make a cylindrical toque with two white paper bags and a black marker) to make yourself look more authentic.

That’s it! Five last-minute, won’t-break-the-bank costumes that will ensure that you’re not left out of the Halloween fun.