Top 5: Unusual Christmas gifts

Top 5: Unusual Christmas gifts

One of the many unusual items from Facebook Like/Dislike stamps. Something an avid Facebook lover would love.

By Kiana Kamalu, op-ed editor

This holiday season, make someone smile with these unusual gifts from (no joke!):

Giant Earbuds: Earbuds so enormous that even a giant could use them! But because you have tiny human ears, we recommend you use these earbuds as speakers.

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control: Flicking, swishing, and tapping your wand replaces using the button functions. Perfect for Harry Potter fans.

Facebook Like/Dislike Stamps: Bring Facebook to life with these funky stamps. Now you have the power to “like” or “dislike” anything you see with a quick punch. For your favorite Facebook junkie.

Bacon Bandages: Meat lovers will enjoy these zany bandages. Warning: Do not wear around hungry dogs.

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap: Waking up in the morning can be rough, and sometimes the java just won’t do. A quick lather with this soap will get you moving. It’s peppermint scented and infused with caffeine anhydrous (which is basically just caffeine) so you will be minty fresh and wide awake in no time, or so they claim.

It’s getting pretty late, but if you hurry, your purchases can still be delivered before Christmas. According to Amazon, the last two-day shipping date is Dec. 21.