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  • AmandaMar 25, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    I also watched the Hunger Games movie and left feeling slightly cheated. I felt that all the hype over the movie was over done. The filming of the movie was an issue for me from the start. The many close-ups and shaking camera moves made it hard to focus and pay attention to what was happening.
    While I understand that not all movies can be tailored to fit the books they are based off of exactly, I felt like the Hunger Games wasn’t as close as I was given the impression. Characters were removed, scenes that were critical to the book were cut out and I was left feeling like I had fast-forwarded through the book and skipped over every chapter and event that I felt were important, tension-building scenes.
    Because of the speed that the movie zoomed through, I didn’t build any emotional attachment to the characters and I didn’t cry at the climatic scenes. I was left wanting more especially from Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. The “Cave Scene” that Josh Hutcherson had been raving about in interviews leading up to the movie lasted less than a minute and the suspense building moment that he had promised fans was a sentence said quickly by him. When they left the cave I kept waiting for them to come back, except they never did!
    The Mutts that come for the last remaining tributes to end it all was quick and lost all the detail from the book (how the mutts looked like the dead tributes).
    Everything about this movie left me wanting more, and not anticipating more, a disappointed more as in “I paid for this? This isn’t worthy of the reviews it got!”
    There were some good points to the movie, the scenery, costumes, and the way the Capitol was portrayed was especially brilliant. The actors and actresses were also very good at portraying their character on the big screen. The only one I was truly disappointed with was Haymitch.
    I went into this movie expecting to be blown away, to have the entire book come to life on the screen and came away feeling like it was an okay movie that lacked all the emotional depth and toe-curling excitement that the book held. The “Epic” of the year fell rather flat if you ask me.

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