90 things at the 90th Maui Fair


Katie Ralston draws a caricature at the 2012 Maui Fair in Kahului

By Maya Nitta, Features Editor

In celebration of the 90th Maui Fair we created a list of 90 things that you can do at this year’s Maui Fair running through this weekend (open to midnight tonight and 11 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 30).

  1.  Find all the Best in Show Ribbons
  2. Get your caricature done
  3. Find out how germ-y your hands are
  4. Look at a real life Ball Python
  5. Hang out with friends
  6. Take the Maui Speaks Survey
  7. Roll to get your car ahead of the rest in Roll a Ball
  8. Check out the Maui Flower Growers Association
  9. Enjoy a Manapua and Dim Sum Plate
  10. Support Maui Polynesian Tihati Fete and order a Kalbi Plate
  11. Look at the wall of photography…wall
  12. Watch the Robo Tech Maui Expo and Competition.
  13. Eat Wailuku Hongwanji Mission’s Chow Fun
  14. Take a picture with the Large Best in Show Jack Fruit
  15. Sail along the Nile River on the Pharaoh’s Fury
  16. Enjoy a delicious candied apple
  17. Learn about different orchids in Orchid Land
  18. Have your fortune told
  19. Soar through the skies on the Cliff Hanger
  20. Find out how many miles to get to Madagascar
  21.  Look at the life-like fruit in the 3-D art display
  22.  Create your own Nēnē button
  23. Register to donate bone marrow
  24. Support the Maui Cheer Academy, have Chicken Caesar Salad
  25. Learn about fire safety in your home
  26. Ride the ring of fire on the Fireball
  27. Enjoy one Loco Moco
  28. Make a luggage tag at the Alaska Airlines Tent
  29. Eat some ‘ono malasadas
  30. Glow in the dark and buy something at Stop and Glow
  31. Cool off with a lemonade or frosty POG
  32. Look for Christmas presents
  33. Get a massage from the the Aloha School of Massage Therapy
  34. Test your luck at the GEICO tent
  35. Buy new jewelry
  36. Bump a buddy on Scooter
  37. Check out the University of Hawai’i Maui College
  38. Knock down the pins at Uni Ball
  39. Learn how to keep germs away from food
  40. Listen to Taiko in the events tent (Sat 8:45 pm)
  41. Flip at least 10 times on the Zipper
  42. Sample All-Star Dip
  43. Buy a marshmallow gun
  44. Enjoy a fettuccine alfredo plate
  45. Watch the Kalama School ‘Ukulele Band (Sat. 4 pm)
  46. Find the healthiest baby on Maui
  47. Get hypnotized (Sat 10:30)
  48. Support Kamehameha Schools Hawaiian Ensemble, enjoy luʻau stew plate or poi mochi
  49. Ride the notes on Music Express
  50. Aim for the star at the Hit Star game
  51. Learn about “Sky Mountain”
  52. Eat a waffle cake sundae
  53. Fly through clouds on the Crazy Plane
  54.  Enter the race on Speedway
  55. Avoid confrontation with police
  56.  Go back to small kid times and buy a sipper
  57. Ride the Ferris Wheel with that special someone
  58. Eat corn on the cob
  59. Support the Saint Rita Church and have some meat nachos
  60. Look at the farm animals
  61. Order a pastele plate
  62. Go Native and order Hawaiian plate
  63. Enter the Paint the Plane Contest
  64. Look at what Maui County is doing
  65. Enjoy some orange chicken
  66. Ride on Dragon’s back
  67. Support The Disabled American Veterans and buy Portuguese bean soup
  68. Find flying saucers
  69. Go Italiano, eat spaghetti
  70. Become a sharp shooter and Shoot Out the Star
  71. Shoot some hoops
  72. Converse with new friends
  73. Learn how to take care of Hawai’i
  74. Listen to the music from the rides
  75. Adopt a Nēnē
  76. Buy a bubble gun
  77. People Watch
  78. Nibble on cotton candy
  79. Try a deep fried Twinkie
  80. Live like a kid
  81. Look at the newest trends
  82. Trade in prizes for big prizes
  83. Enjoy some banana lumpia
  84. Learn about the Nēnē
  85. Ride the swings and look at the people around you
  86. Refresh with a bottle water
  87. Find small prizes in booths
  88. Get your Keiki ID
  89. Take memorable pictures
  90. Enjoy this time with family and friends

(P.S. No, you did not just find $100 or $1,000,000. Just junk advertising. Sorry.)