Spirit Week winds down with step, class cheer


Photo by Jaylin Kekiwi

The winning senior class stands and cheers at the closing homecoming assembly on September 13, 2013. All classes participated in the step and class cheer competitions, but results were not revealed until the next night at the homecoming football game.

By Jaylin Kekiwi, editor

PUKALANI – The senior class swept with two first places in the class cheer and step competitions on Friday, September 13, as homecoming festivities were winding down.

After the classes arrived in Kaʻulaheanuiokamoku (with a spirited coordinated entry by the senior class), cheerleaders lined the gym and pumped up their peers before the step competition began.

Freshmen stomped their way to the middle of the floor first, with a routine that included a “drill sergeant” and a four-person “army.”

Second were the sophomores, with a complicated but crisp routine that got their class pumped and jumping.

Third came the juniors, who started off their step with some moves similar to those one would see in a hula.

Finally came the seniors, with a crisp, clean routine and a finishing pose that left their class screaming with pride.

The class cheer competition came soon after, each class going in the same order as class cheer.

Though the freshman cheer was short, it was spirited. As a finishing touch, an Elmo bopped and danced along in the front of the class.

The sophomores were equally loud, stomping the bleachers and shouting out their pride for their class.

The juniors, like the freshmen, had a dancing mascot – their dancing donkey, who made its first appearance at last year’s competition.  They incorporated songs, such as “Teach Me How To Dougie” by Cali Swag District, with their own junior twists.

Then came the main event: seniors competing for their last time. Lily Higashino and Kela Killam led the cheer dressed as orange-wearing grandmothers based on the senior class designation as “senior citizens.” The class consisted of both old and new, including returning lines from their previous years’ cheers.

“It was fun,” senior Alia Hurdle said of the competitions. “Everyone got really into it.”

Homecoming week was brought to an official close on Saturday, September 14, at the homecoming game against the Maui High Sabers. Results were revealed at halftime after the parade of class floats.