Reel Simple: ‘Paddington’ un-bearably delightful

Little bear. Big adventure.


Photo by Photo from 'Paddington' official Facebook page timeline

Can such a small bear find a home in such a big place? Find out for yourself in the StudioCanal and Heyday Films movie ‘Paddington’ in theaters now.

By Alyssa Urayanza, feature writer

In all honesty, I was a little skeptical at first. My thoughts were, “Who wants to see a kiddie movie about a talking bear that goes to London? There are a hundred other shows about talking animals in the big city. What makes this one any different?”

I went into the theatre full of doubt, but left satisfied and with no regrets.

The way the director (Paul King) and producer (David Heyman) incorporated the themes of family, friendship, and a place to call home was absolutely amazing. But it all started where many great movies do: the books.

‘Paddington’ is based on the renowned books by Michael Bond, whose first publication was A Bear Called Paddington in 1958. Since then, Bond has published over 150 different versions of his book ranging from novels to children’s picture books.

‘Paddington’ follows a little bear’s travels from the trees of  Darkest Peru to the bustling streets of London. However, Paddington is no ordinary bear. He is a rare species that is able to speak and adapt to the human lifestyle.

After a series of unfortunate events (not to be confused with another famous book series), Paddington finds himself all alone in London.

In search of a new home, he happens to meet the Browns, whom he finds to be quite an odd family. The Browns, intrigued and curious, offer to take him in until he is able to find a permanent home.

While staying with them, Paddington and the Browns experience many exciting and embarrassing adventures together. All the while, the Browns find themselves drawing closer not only to Paddington, but to each other as a family as well.

Discover the true meaning of “home” with Paddington and the Browns in this all-around exceptional film that’s sure to lighten your hearts and put a smile on your face. I give this movie 4.5 stars for it’s original and creative story, as well as its use of gadgets and inventions from every child’s dreams.

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