Trio media mashup app newly available in App Store


Photo by Courtesy of Misha Leybovich

The new Trio app is newly available to the public via the App Store as of Wednesday March 4.

By Quinn Williams, news writer

Officially released today, the Trio app has made it to the App Store for all to download. Its description in the iTunes store says that “Trio is the next big social, creative app.”

Create new and easy mash-ups from videos, pictures, gifs and music all around the Internet. It lets you remix your friends, favorite celebrities, or a famous brand’s assets into your own.

Trio is easy and allows individuals to express themselves through their work. Users can create awesome content at their fingertips.

You can also swipe through Trio users’ work and decide if you like or dislike the post with an easy swipe.

What makes Trio different from other photo-video apps is the access to third party assets. For example, content can come from Instagram, Vine, iTunes, or your own camera roll. Unlike other apps, Trio does not restrict you to only your own camera roll. You’re free to take something you like from another app and apply it to your own mash-up!

Trio is a new product from Meograph, Inc. Led by CEO Misha Leybovich and CTO Clay Garrett, the company has been around for almost 3 years and has come out with other media creation projects in addition to Trio.

It’s predecessor, Meograph, was limited to computers, so Trio took the original mashup concept to the iPhone.

After graduating with a bachelor of science degree from the University of California, Berkley and serving as the student body president, Leybovich went into the world.

Leybovich’s 7-year stint traveling around the world after college led to the creation of Meograph. He said that he visited 70 countries in 7 years doing things such as climbing Mount Everest and running with the bulls, and in doing so, he gathered a lot of pictures, videos, and stories to tell, but being somewhat untalented when it came to using software like Photoshop, he came up with the idea for Meograph, which uses your own photos, as well as Internet content like music and videos.

That led to Trio, the mobile version. Within three minutes, iPhone users can create a mashup and share it.

Trio can be downloaded through the App Store.  The download is free, and an easy tutorial walks you through the new application.