Reel Simple: ‘Pitch 2’ not so perfect, but still funny

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ review


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“Pitch Perfect 2” reunites the Barden Bellas (Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow) and picks up a new addition (Hailee Steinfeld). (Photo courtesy Universal Pictures/TNS) Now playing at Maui Mall Cineplex and Lahaina Wharf Cinemas.

Posted by Pitch Perfect 2 on Saturday, May 16, 2015

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By Alyssa Urayanza, feature writer

Let me just say that I have been waiting for this movie to come out ever since the release of the first film. I loved Pitch Perfect, so I had really high expectations for this one. The original had the right amount of comedy, a wide range of characters and personalities, and let’s not forget about the astounding singing that brought a cappella to a whole new level. Can Pitch Perfect 2 live up to the expectations?

The Barden Bellas are still taking the world by storm, but did they lose their sound somewhere along the way? After publicly humiliating themselves at the president’s birthday party the Bellas have two options put in front of them: win world’s or disband the Barden Bellas.

World’s is short for the A Cappella World Championships where countries from all over the world send their best a cappella groups to perform for the world title.

You would think that for the Bellas, who already have the knack for performing and the voices to match, this isn’t much of a feat. But there is a new group from Germany who call themselves Das Sound Machine that make the Bellas’ confidence waver…a lot.

In all honesty I was pretty satisfied with everything about Pitch Perfect 2, except for one thing: the music. The humor was still there, but the sound was not. After watching the second movie I went home and played the sound track from the first movie, and in comparison, I was not impressed by the most recent. The soundtrack for the original Pitch Perfect was 100 times better. If you think about it, the music aspect is pretty important since it is a movie about singing.

My favorite part of the first movie was probably the Riff Off. Pitch Perfect 2 had a scene similar to the Riff Off, but it wasn’t nearly as cool or exciting. Yeah, Pitch Perfect 2 was basically just a close second to the first one.

Aside from that, if love the humor and the characters, go see it.

Is this the end of the Barden Bellas? Will they be able to beat Das Sound Machine and become A ca World Champions? Will Bumper and Amy finally get together? Find out for yourself in Pitch Perfect 2.

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