DIY: Closet can yield last-minute costumes


Photo by Ka Leo o Nā Koa

Itʻs Halloween weekend. Are you ready? Check out Meaalohaʻs suggestions for five easy last-minute costumes in our article below.

By Meaaloha McCabe, staff writer

“Double, double, toil, and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble.” — three witches, Macbeth

Oh no! Halloween is here, and you don’t have a costume! That’s double trouble, for sure, but no worries. With these do-it-yourself closet costumes, you’ll be sure to find a pun-ny, cute or yummy outfit that you can create fast.

Here are five easy outfits that you can create this Halloween.

  1. Cowgirl/boy: The cliché cowboy is easy, and most people already have the pieces in their closets. With nothing to make or buy, this one’s a snap. The requirements are a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and some boots. Add accessories like a cowboy hat, bandana or big belt buckle to complete the look.
  2. Pumpkin Pi: A pun-ny Pumpkin Pi will do for you math lovers or just genuine pun-ny people. All you’ll need for this outfit is an orange shirt and black bottoms or jeans. Cut out some pumpkin leaves from green paper, and for the pi symbol, print out a picture of it, and cut it out. Use tape or clothespins to attach the leaves and pi symbol to your shirt, and you’re ready to proclaim your love of math to the world.
  3. Social Butterfly: Halloween is a time to be social with all your ghoulfriends. Print out your favorite social media icons and tape them to a white shirt so that the logos stand out. For your bottoms you can wear jeans or shorts and if you’re feeling like going the extra mile, you can wear a tutu. To finish up the pun, you’ll need to wear butterfly or fairy wings.
  4. Spam Musubi: You are what you eat. To be a giant Spam Musubi you’ll need a small pink pillow or small pillow in a pink pillowcase, which will serve as the Spam. For your top wear a plain white shirt and white or black bottoms. For the seaweed you’ll need either a black cloth, black duct tape, or a black plastic table cloth.
  5. Baby/Toddler: This is another easy one that will take hardly any work at all, but will still get you in the spirit. All babies dress in soft and cozy pajamas, so for this costume you’ll need a onesie or a matching pair of pajamas and a little teddy bear you can cuddle with. To top it off, girls can also wear pony or pigtails, and boys can wear a little baseball cap or propellor hat if you have one. A pacifier necklace and giant colorful lollipops are also good accessories.