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Landon Ballesteros

Landon Ballesteros, news writer

Senior Landon Ballesteros is a first-year Journalism student. He is a staff writer as well as the person in charge of Grades 9-10 polling. The success of Ka Leo O Nā Koa in the past two years definitely excited Landon to choose Journalism to take up his last open class. The pressure is definitely on to maintain the award-winning online Web site and print issues, but Landon is ready to take on the challenge.

Landon hopes to try a wide array of experiences with journalism; from news and features writing, to polling, and even sports photography and sports writing. He hopes that student readers will be excited for the print issues, and that they check out the online Web site more often.

Additionally, Landon likes to write and publish stories online, as well as watch a lot of comedic movies and TV shows. He hopes to attend the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo after graduating from high school and to spend two semesters in the National Student Exchange program.

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Landon Ballesteros