KS Maui raises money for Japan relief


Junior Kamalani Makua collects donations for the Kokua Japan fundraiser, which raised $2284 for disaster relief.

By Dylan Godsey, News Writer

PUKALANI- Today, April 1, 2011, the student body of Kamehameha Schools Maui came together and collected $2,284 for the Kokua Japan campaign.

Students participated by dressing in red attire to show their support of the Japanese as they struggle to deal with and recover from the recent tragedies that have swept their southern regions. Students who dressed in red tops were encouraged to donate a minimum of $1, though many students donated more generously.

Teachers were given special permission to wear jeans instead of their normal businesswear, but were asked to donate at least $5 in recognition of the charitable cause in return.

Art teacher Ms. Levi Mason said, “I felt good, but I wish I could have given more. I think its the least that someone can do in this type of situation.”

Throughout the day the campus, which is usually blue with the normal school uniform color, seemed like a sea of red with all the students supporting the cause.

The proceeds collected from today’s outreach will go to the American Red Cross to be designated for the Kokua Japan Association.