Haumāna weave lau hala for Lā Kū’oko’a

Students taught new traditions and refresh the old


Kumu Kainoa Ka’ili-Kramer directs students to weave their own lau hala bracelets for Lā Kūʻokoʻa, November 24.

Students chose from among many breakout sessions to celebrate Lā Kūʻokoʻa, and some chose to participate in a lau hala workshop, taught by Kumu Kainoa Ka’ili-Kramer.

Haumāna learned a bit about the history of lau hala weaving and got to do some themselves on Wednesday afternoon.

Some, such as junior Alisha Reyes, had learned the practice beforehand here at Kamehameha, but wanted to take part in this workshop as a way to get reconnected with the custom.

“I was looking forward to getting more experience and more knowledge about this practice,” she said. “I definitely think it’s important to learn not only this, but other aspects of Hawaiian culture that helps us be more acquainted with our history and customs.”

While Reyes had experience with ulana lau hala before, others had not, but all were welcome. Kumu Kainoa said that everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to learning new things.

Freshman Sydney DuBach had not done this custom before, but signed up to try something new.

“I was excited, but I have also never done this before, so I was nervous that it would turn out bad, but I think it’s going good,” she said while making her bracelet.

Kumu Kainoa talked about how this hana no’eau takes patience and is one of those practices that also needs good mana’o going into it. Otherwise, you’re going to get frustrated, she said. She explained that nobody is perfect when starting out, and she loves the idea of people taking that extra step to try.

“If this class is the one place that they started and [it] sparks interest to maybe go take classes outside or make new things, then I kākoʻo that, definitely,” she said.