Seniors have Moonlight Masquerade at Senior Ball


Ginger Long and Shayna Molina

By Alexandria Agdeppa, features editor

The class of 2011 celebrated “Moonlight Masquerade,” their senior ball, at the middle school campus on Saturday, April 2.

“It was kind of cool having the dance up here at the middle school because it brought back a lot of memories for us who went here,” said senior Kaydee Park.

Senior Kaleialoha Kani’aupi’o-Crozier and class Officers Ku’ulei Makua, Alana Song and Kalei Tamashiro started off the evening with an introduction, which preceded a prayer by Kani’aupi’o-Crozier.

The emcees were Bridgette Ige and Hanoa Pua‘a-Freitas who later announced the hall of fame winners for ten different categories.

Among the hall of fame winners were:

  • Biggest Flirt: Kendra Kaaa and Bryson Souza
  • Most Accident Prone: Nahulu Nunokawa and Bridgette Ige
  • Most Likely to Win the Lottery but Lose the Ticket: Elizabeth Higashino and Michael Lacno, III
  • Most Likely to Go Pro: Ginger Long and Keenan Kaluau
  • Best Laugh: Pua Tialino-Basques and Corbin Iaea
  • Best Friend to Everyone: Keani Kapeliela-Bannister and Hanoa Pua’a-Freitas
  • Most “Blondest”: Shayna Molina and Tyler Akaka
  • Best Potential Couple: McKenzie Moniz and Keali‘i Kaaikala

“I’m not surprised at all about the results,” senior Reina Freitas said. “Everyone pretty much deserved what they won.”

After announcing the Hall of Fame winners, the seniors were welcomed onto the dance floor by music provided by DJ Chilltown.

Students were also entertained by a slideshow of pictures composed by senior Keani Kapeliela-Bannister.

Dinner included macaroni salad, tossed salad, dry mein, chicken katsu, kalbi ribs, and prime rib from Café 808.

As a special treat, Kalei Tamashiro put together a candy bar out of sweets such as rock candy, M & M’s, Pixie Sticks and Hershey’s Kisses.

“Everything turned out so well considering the amount of preparation time,”  senior Kali Sanico said. “I’m really glad that our class was able dance under a tent on grass at school and still make it cool.”

Doors opened at 5:00 P.M., and the dance ended at 10:00 P.M.