Cool, creative costumes bring out spirit


Photo by Alyssa Urayanza

Seniors Austin MacArthur, Spencer Shiraishi and Taylor Lee sport short shorts and knee socks as typical tennis players from the ’70’s on Throwback Thursday. Students dressed up in costumes, homecoming shirts, and color-coordinated shirts this week to show their spirit and add points to their class total.

Throughout spirit week, students have been able to leave their uniforms at home and get into the spirit by dressing up in pride shirts, costumes, and basic colors. Students made the most of the opportunity by dressing up more than in the past few years.

Monday started the week as School Spirit Day. All students wore this yearʻs custom-designed school shirt with a football surrounded by the lighting of Kahekili.

Tuesday was animal day. Students let loose their wild sides and had fun. They roamed the campus in packs of tigers, cats and the occasional stray dog. A peacock, a shark and a unicorn joined in on the fun as well. An eight-man anaconda was also seen slithering around campus. For those who didn’t dress up, they could shirts in the basic dress colors of the day, which were orange and brown.

On Wednesday, Disney Day, students lived out their childhood dreams. Many beloved Disney characters could be found throughout the day. Girls were turned into princesses and boys into pirates and princes. Princesses Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Ariel, far from their castles, wandered from class to class. That famous Disney couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, were popular choices. One pair dressed as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. The Disney characters ranged from the typical prince and princesses to the more creative toy aliens and plastic soldiers from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story. Basic dress colors for Wednesday were blue and green.

Thursday took students on a trip into the past as they sported outfits from various decades ranging from the 1920ʻs to the 1980ʻs. On Throwback Thursday students and teachers went all out bringing back leg warmers and poodle skirts as well as slick hair and leather jackets. Some students dressed as nerds with their thick-framed glasses, collared shirts and suspenders, while others flipped up their collars for the ultimate in cool.

One group of juniors coordinated with each other and dressed as the Pink Ladies and the T-birds, the girlsʻ clique and greasers from the classic 1978 movie Grease. Basic dress colors for Thursday were black and white.

Tomorrow will be Class Color Day, when each class will wear their custom t-shirts and compete in step and class cheer. Each event that classes participate in earn them points, depending on how well they performed at each task. The class with the most dress-up participation will add 1,000 points to its spirit week total.