Senior class bond shows at ball


Photo by Analicia Kapua

Quinn Warrington, Talia Leauanae, and Michael Singh turn their salad plates into fans as they dance their night away. Ka Papa Lama’s senior ball was the school’s first masquerade in several years and left students partying in the most glamorous way.

They had masks and wore them well; their identities? No one could tell. Members of Ka Papa Lama and their guests arrived at Nāmāhana dining hall Saturday night in formal attire and masks for the Senior Ball Masquerade.

The ball was not only the last formal event for the banquet season, but it was also the last formal for the class.

“It’s sad to think that this is one of our last times together,” Aliah Ayau said. “It’s even sadder that we have little under three months left as a class.”

Although time is dwindling for them, the class made every second count that evening.

Haumāna began by parking at the elementary parking lot and then walked from Paiʻea to Nāmāhana where their night awaited them.

At check-in haumāna got checked for dress code, received party favors, and a Cream B ticket; then, they signed a surprise birthday card for classmate Lexi Figueroa.

After checking in, many took the opportunity to take a quick photo outside before entering; however, when they entered, their night began.

Encased sparkling roses light up the dazzling tables as the centerpieces.
Photo by Analicia Kapua
Encased sparkling roses light up the dazzling tables as the centerpieces.

The elementary cafeteria was transformed into a lively atmosphere where the ball committee and student government, including myself, went all out to decorate.

“We kinda threw everything together last minute,” Gideon Aiwohi said. “[The committee] went back and fourth with a few things, but we really got everything together the week of.”

Gold, black, silver, and white set the classy theme for the night with decorations varying from hand-made photo frames and wall decor, encased-rose centerpieces, twinkling lights, and shimmering fabric.

The decorations, however, weren’t the highlight of the night. For the class, what made their night was each other.

At the beginning of the ball I introduced the evening with a small surprise by calling Figueroa to the stage. As a family it was only right to sing “Happy Birthday” to her

“My class means so much to me,” Figueroa said. “I was so grateful by the fact that everyone signed a card and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for me. It made me feel so loved.”

Starting the night off on a good note, the ball continued in that way.

Haumāna dined on catering by Four Sisters and enjoyed a nostalgic slideshow along with their dinners.

As soon as the slideshow finished and a few tears were shed, the class was quick to take a whole-class picture. Glenn Cabrera Photography took the photo before Next Level Entertainment opened up the dance floor.

Haumāna also spent the night playing in activities outside, taking photos in the photo booth with Nagamine Photo Studios, or stuffing their faces with an ʻono Cream B dessert.

After everything that occurred that night, Ka Papa Lama ended their lively night dancing all together as one.

“The memories that we’ve made [together] are things that, not only will I, but we we will never forget,” Figueroa said.