Seniors remember their years, lasting memories


Photo by courtesy of Hezekiah Kapuaala

Papa Wauke wins Homecoming, two years in a row!

Many students of the senior class of 2020, Papa Wauke, have been feeling a whirlwind of emotions and are taking this time to remember their favorite high school memories and experiences, as their graduation approaches. The class was asked two questions and here are some of their responses…

When you look back on this school in later years, what will you remember most?

“When I look back on this school in later years, I will definitely remember how beautiful our campus is, the super good lunches, and my friends, especially papa wauke. <3” – Llyrik Min

“Playing sports in front of a big crowd.” – Brayden Kalani

Bonding at Track and field practice!
Photo courtesy of Sofia Salvatierra
Bonding at Track and field practice!

“The friendships created through sports.” – Sofia Salvatierra

“All of the opportunities the school has provided me. Whether it’s new friends I have made or obtaining the role of MDSCO president.” – Elena Borge

“I will remember the countless memories I had with my classmates and my friends. Through this school, I have gained friends who have become family. With that being said, I was able to make many memories and have an abundance of photos that capture our time here together.” – Kallee Aguirre

“How much opportunities were offered at our school and how privileged we are to have kumu support us too and through college or whatever we choose to do in the future.” – Hoʻala Alapaʻi

“I will miss and remember Mr. O’Brien and his classes the most. Mr. O’Brien is such a passionate person and he’s an inspiration to me and everyone around him. Talking to him and learning in his class was the highlight of my day. Thank you KOB.” – Kayla Fernandez-Roy

Seniors Raelynn Yoshida and Nanea-Rose Ikeda smile for a picture with Coach Erin Harkleroad, on their Senior Night.
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Yoshida
Seniors Raelynn Yoshida and Nanea-Rose Ikeda smile for a picture with Coach Erin Harkleroad, on their Senior Night.

“I will remember all the fun and crazy times as a student athletic trainer helping Coach Alika, Coach Erin, and Coach Charles.” – Raelynn Yoshida

“Being at Kamehameha since Kindergarten and growing with each member of our Papa Wauke family in so many different ways! *disclaimer my favorite thing ever was the ginger bread hunt we had in Kindergarten? No idea. Hands down favorite cookie ever.” – Kaitlyn Ralar

“Changes MANY MANY Changes.” – Skye Murakami

“Mrs. Yats’s soapboxes, Mr. Mossman’s debates, Ms. Frampton’s “I love math” mantra, Mr. O’Brien’s WIDPS, Kumu Kapulani’s Socratic circles, and Ms. Pico-Lilio’s conversations.” – Makena Nagasako

“Not being able to wear earrings… ever.” – Izak Morton

“When I look back, I will mostly remember the many opportunities that was given to me since the moment I was accepted into Kamehameha Schools. I remember all the memories I’ve had with the many people I met from around the island because coming from Lahaina, we all know each other and weʻre stuck on our own side of the island, but Kamehameha Schools allowed me to meet many people around the other parts of the island. I especially remember the amazing memories I made with the people that has stayed by my side through everything. I’ve made many mistakes, but I remember the people that picked me up when I fell. Yes, I feel that the most memorable thing for me was remembering the people that affected my life. I will definitely remember experiencing high school with my brother, Micah Kele, by my side.” – Ross Panlasigui

“Mr. Tua’s PE classes in elementary were awesome.” – Kalewa Kailiehu

“When I look back at Kamehameha Schools years later, I will most remember how friendly and supportive everyone was and most importantly, how the bond created with my classmates had allowed us to become family to one another.” – Aleina Reyes

“I will remember how close everyone is with each other at this school. I could have never spoken to a faculty or student before, and yet as I pass them by, they would greet me as if we’ve been friends for years. There were many favorite memories made at Kamehameha, the top being that our class of 2020 won homecoming twice! In addition to that, we’ve come a long way as a class, with our talents, personality, and growth, we will definitely go down as one to remember.” – Ashlee Palimoʻo

What will people at KSM remember most about you?

“My backpack that made me look like a turtle.” – Nadia Apo Takayama

“Being the mom of the class.” – Hannah Aiwohi

“I made a game winning 3-pointer to send our girls basketball team to states, freshman year.” – Kealia Sjostrand

“How tall I was.” – Angel Pauole

“I would hope a hardworking and kind person but you neva know ahhh.” – Dylan Nakagawa

“A HAMMAH on the field, a BRAINIAC in the classroom, and a WARM SMILE on campus.” – Faith Bonacorsi

That I am an athlete and that the grind never stops.” – Steven Gushiken

“I was a part of the first homecoming court with my bestie, Justice-Lee Vannatta-Kapoi.” – Malie Watanabe

“Me being the lazy student trainer or my attitude.” – Nanea-Rose Ikeda

“My signature “Alohaaaaa Warriors” whether itʻs for WUW or Daily Devos.” – Marie Abihai

“I feel that most people will remember me for my crazy dancing.” – Kailanamalie Jensen

“Ka Maka Koa: Episode 12.” – Kauakeakīpunikawēkiu Awana

“Probably my teeth.” – Alema Ebana

“Hardworking.” – Kamaile Ann Paet

 “Probably my athletics, and freshman year when Kahu gave me the cross for my dad during chapel. I ended up crying in front of the whole school, but I couldn’t be more grateful.” – Logan Spencer

Papa Wauke performs their cheer for the Class Cheer competition during Homecoming week!
Photo courtesy of Hezekiah Kapuaala
Papa Wauke performs their cheer for the Class Cheer competition during Homecoming week!

Through the many victories and hardships, Papa Wauke has made the best of their high school experience.