JV Warrior with game: Kimani Fernandez-Roy

Kimani Fernandez-Roy passes the ball during the second game of the season.

Photo by Gabrielle Constantino

Kimani Fernandez-Roy passes the ball during the second game of the season.

This season, the junior varsity girls volleyball team went undefeated in the regular season getting only one loss in a tournament game against Hāna High School.

The team consisted of 15 freshman and sophomore girls, including Kimani Fernandez-Roy, middle blocker.

During the season, the team typically had one or two games a week, and overall, the girls played 17 games.

“The day of a game I am always nervous, butterflies flying and jitters all around,” Fernandez-Roy said. To help her relax, focus, and get pumped up for a game, Fernandez-Roy listens to Beast Mode by Jake Miller.

During games, Fernandez-Roy shows great sportsmanship and believes it’s extremely important to not show anger or sadness.

“To me, the most important thing during a game is to always stay positive and work as a team,” she said.

Fernandez-Roy’s self-control makes her a leader. Whether the team is winning, losing, frustrated, or somber, Fernandez-Roy is there to cheer them up.

“Kimani has a great impact on the team. She brings excitement and energy and pushes everyone’s expectations,” teammate Jasmine Corn said.

Fernandez-Roy hopes to move up to the varsity girls volleyball team next year, but she also wants to improve her skills and keep playing club volleyball in the meantime.

Fernandez-Roy recalls her final season as a junior varsity player as exciting and worthwhile, which is why we chose her as a jv Warrior with Game.

Hereʻs a little more about our choice, Kimani Fernandez-Roy:

Age: 15

Jersey number: 6

Years played: 2

Other sports: Basketball and track and field

Hobbies: Playing football, watching movies, going to the beach

Pre-game snacks: Granola and energy bars

Biggest fans: Parents and friends

If you could play for any team, who would it be? “L. A. Sparks, because my two favorite players (Nneka Ogwumike and Candace Parker) play for that team.”

Biggest role-model: “My mom because she has accomplished so much and continues to inspire me as she fights through her [challenges].”

Sports accomplishments: Second team MIL All-stars, undefeated in second season

Goals for this year: I hope to go to states with my basketball team. I also hope to get first team All-stars.