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  • Kaili MossmanOct 15, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    HOLY MOLEY THIS PLAY IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!! Rachel did an absolutely magnificent job as the naive and innocent Lily. I was so frustrated with her character but at the same time, I understood her point of view. Rachel was just that good – she could totally pull of a complicated balancing act like that. Rachel wasn’t the only gem in this wonderful show; the other actors were simply splendid! Each character had a different point of view and it was interesting to see them all connect. Lily’s (Rachel’s character) boyfriend, Rick, starts off as sweet and charming and “Taylor Lautner”-ish, but somehow loses his way. Lily’s mother was so overprotective, but you can tell that it’s all out of love. The best friend, Tara, was HILARIOUS! She’s the voice of reason and logic in Lily’s life who’s had a few bumps, but manages to have a blast and enjoy life (with a slightly critical view). Last but not least is Jason. He is a rather complex character who’s renting the garage at Lily’s house. This creates a HUGE problem when Rick, Lily’s boyfriend, starts getting jealous. Jason has a dark past and the emotional range of an ocean that fills the room with static. All of these characters, and more, combine into the magnificent play that is “If You Love Me”. I definitely recommend you go see it!!!!!!!

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Play Review: ‘If You Love Me’ entertains, educates