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Kalani Ruidas

Kalani Ruidas, features co-editor

For the past year, Kalani Ruidas has been dedicated to providing the readership of Ka Leo O Na Koa with honest, unbiased news. While the journey has been rewarding, it's also proven to test her sanity more than any other task she has undertaken. This year, her senior year, will be pivotal in deciding whether she will remain a slave to the printed word beyond high school or whether she will spread her wings and fly away to new horizons to a happier and more mentally stable life.

For now though, the undeniable fact is that Kalani Ruidas is not a bird. So unless she develops the bravery to attempt Mission Icarus 2.0, the world of journalism is where she'll stay. Kalani is the co-editor of the features section of Ka Leo O Na Koa and reasonably content to be so.

Aside from dealing with the drudgery of school, Kalani also spends a generous amount of time sleeping, eating, obsessing over clothes, shoes and make-up,  as well as trolling the Internet and endangering the lives of Maui motorists behind the wheel of her beaten 2002 Honda Civic.

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Kalani Ruidas