Thank a kumu today


Mr. Jay Paa lends a helping in hand to Junior Andrew Kahalewai in Digital Video Production class.

Dylan Godsey

By Dylan Godsey, sports co-editor

In my own personal dealings with teachers I definitely don’t think that I would be where I am today without them. Ever since I started school in elementary, I could never click with cliques or jive with the crowd. I felt more like an outsider. More and more, I felt pushed out and discouraged to keep trying at school until I met a teacher that really made me feel appreciative towards school.

His name was Mr. Kent, and he was my homeroom teacher at St. Joeseph’s Catholic School in Makawao. He always inspired me to become something better than myself and said that nothing that I could dream to do was impossible. This was a driving force behind my education as I progressed through school.

As I became older and left St. Joeseph’s, I was admitted to Kamehameha Schools Maui, where I’ve learned the most in my life. Now that I am weeks away from graduating, and I look at all that was done for me by my teachers, I appreciate each and every one of them for forming me into the individual that I am.

So take it upon yourself to reach out to your favorite teachers and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Teacher Appreciation Week was held from May 7-11 this year to commend all teachers for their diligent work as teachers. During the week, students and parents show their appreciation for their teachers by bringing in small gifts or food, and even honoring them with awards such as Best Teacher. Even if this is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week. You shouldn’t need a special week to do it. Do it now.