Gearing up for Red Friday


Students rally together at last year’s spring Red Friday. The first Pōʻalima ʻUlaʻula of 2011-12 will be happening this Friday, Oct. 21.

By Amanda Lee, News co-editor

It’s that time of the year again! Makahiki season is quickly approaching, and Kumu Kapulani Antonio and her Hawaiian History class have been working diligently to make this week’s Pō’alima Ula’ula just as fun and cultural as the last one.

Here’s a preview of what’s will be happening this Friday, Oct. 21, so you can have a chance to get involved and know what to expect the day of!

Students will first play traditional Makahiki games starting at 1:25 p.m. At the sound of the pū, anyone can go to one, several or all of these stations to play ʻulu maika (disk rolling) , moa paheʻe (dart sliding), hakamoa (cockfight), pā uma (standing wrist wrestling), ʻōʻō ihe (spear throwing at banana stump) or kiola pōhaku (distance stone throwing). This session will last for 35 minutes, until 2:00.

At 2:00, the pū will sound, signalling the start of the three team events, wherein classes will compete against each other in kūkini (foot race), hukuhuki (tug of war) and the  ʻōʻō ihe (sham battle).

The competition for each event varies. Kūkini will have one race for boys and and one for girls,  but hukihuki and ʻōʻō ihe will featured mixed groups of boys and girls from each class.

Hukihuki will start off the competition with seniors vs. sophomores, and juniors vs. freshmen. Then, the two winners will go head-to-head and tug it out!

ʻŌʻō ihe will begin with the sophomores and freshmen vs seniors and juniors. The winners will compete against each other in a final match.

In order to participate in these events, you need to sign up with your class adviser. Classes will compete against each other so pick your top competitors. “If you play our ancient sports, you feel more Hawaiian!” Kumu Kapulani said. So classes, pick your champions and bring your A-game to Pō’alima Ula’ula!

Click here for a copy of the special Red Friday bell schedule.

Students are to follow all regular dress code guidelines except for shirts. Students may wear a Red Friday t-shirt (tucked in) from this or any previous year or a collared aloha shirt that is predominantly red.