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Ka Leo o Nā Koa

Students recognized for ʻimi naʻauao


KSM students were recognized today, Oct. 20, for their outstanding representation of September’s value, ‘imi na’auao (to seek knowledge). Students were nominated by their teachers to enjoy pizza and ice cream for their ambition to learn and their understanding of the importance of knowledge.

This month, the luncheon was a bit different than in previous months due to the long list of students who were nominated. It was held in a sectioned off part of the dining hall and decorated with streamers and balloons. Students were able to eat and enjoy the company of their fellow nominees.

Senior Kyeton Littel was nominated by his Hawaiian History teacher, Kumu Kapulani Antonio, because he “impressed the class with [his] understanding of the Battle of Mokuʻōhai.” Kumu Kapulani felt impressed that he sought ways to improve his hō’ike nui and improve his knowledge of Hawaiian history.

Freshman Destinee Murray was also nominated by an Antonio. Kumu Lōkahi Antonio said he nominated her for this award because she has the most extra-credit points in her block.

Math teacher Ms. Kathleen Frampton has organized the value luncheons for students for many years. At today’s luncheon, she said, “I think it’s good for people to build good character, and these luncheons are incentives for students to maintain that.”

The students chosen for the month of September are:


  • Chanel Browne
  • Kyle Cadiz
  • Carly Kiaha
  • Joelene Kuaana
  • Austin MacArthur
  • Destinee Murray
  • Anson Souza
  • Ionatana Tua
  • Madison Williams


  • Jocelyn Aipa
  • Sarah Aiwohi
  • Iain Armitage
  • Quinn Kihune
  • Erin Lindsey
  • Daniel Quenga


  • Ian Aquino
  • Luke Batoon
  • Aaron Dela Cruz
  • Elizabeth Guth


  • Wyatt Bartlett
  • Jessie Hozaki
  • Nicole Kaʻauamo
  • Kiana Kamalu
  • Kyeton Littel
  • Makana Pundyke
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