Sophomores celebrate Mardi Gras


Photo by Maile Sur

Students enjoy dancing to the music of Vibe Tribez at the sophomore banquet in Keʻeaumokupāpāiaheahe Dining Hall, Feb. 1, 2014.

By Maile Sur, staff writer

The sophomore class celebrated Mardi Gras a month early at their banquet at Ke’eaumokupāpāiaheahe Dining Hall on Feb. 1, 2014. Nearly 200 people attended, including many KS Maui uppperclassmen, parent and staff chaperones, and student guests from other schools.

“Tonight is a really big night, everyone’s being really social and having fun!”

— sophomore Megan Miguel

Students arrived for an evening out. Boys wore dress shirts, and some were in suit and tie. Girls wore a range of dresses from nice shorty muʻumuʻu to breezy cocktail dress and long formal gowns with beads and sequins. Many broke out their five-inch evening heels for the event.

The class student government chose Mardi Gras for the theme after their first idea of having a carnival-themed banquet was declined.

The room was decorated with green and purple balloon pillars lining the dance floor and large balloon danglers hanging from the ceiling. On the tables, there were vases with tall purple and green tissue paper balls along with masks, beads, and tokens that guests could use as props.

Mr. Sam Clark took formal portraits that students could order, and Mrs. Lokelani Patrick took informal photo booth style pictures that students got to take with them that night.

A unique aspect of the banquet was the innovative contests. There were a few dance contests and an Instagram challenge where guests would post a picture at the banquet and whoever had the most likes won. Lexi Almeida won by getting 187 likes on her photo in 12 minutes. Winners received gift cards for prizes.

“Kumu Ulu came up with the idea because our class gets kind of bored sometimes,” said Harley Gonsalves, sophomore class president.

Kumu Ululani Kepani is the sophomore class adviser.

The T and J Catering menu featured favorites such as chicken katsu, noodles and beef broccoli.

After eating dinner, students and guests checked out the wide assortment of candies and desserts. There was everything from lollipops and Skittles, to cupcakes and chocolate-covered treats.

Once all the eating was over, it was time to hit the dance floor. KS Maui alumnus DJ Nalu (Fonseca) and his partner, DJ Dabodose, of Vibe Tribez provided the music.

Like most sophomore banquets, the dance floor was off to a slow start, but filled up towards the end of the night.

“My favorite part is definitely the dance floor,” Miguel said. She was one of the first to dance.

At the end of the evening, the lights came on, and everyone pitched in to get the dining hall back in shape for school on Monday.