Sophomore banquet goes ‘Around the World’


Photo by Quinn Williams

Sophomores Leah Maddela, Lauren Kanemitsu, Kamea Drayer-Hoʻopiʻi, and Kaʻiulani Kaʻawa pose for pictures in the photo booth during sophomore banquet at Kuakini dining hall on Saturday, March 7.

The class of 2017 danced, ate, and traveled the night together at their sophomore banquet on Saturday March 7 at Kuakini dining hall.

“It’s fun to see everyone dress up, and our class loves being together,” said sophomore Kamea Drayer- Hoʻopiʻi.

The theme, “Around the World,” was easily displayed in the class’s decorations from paper airplanes to hot air balloons with baskets full of Hershey’s kisses.

“We wanted a different variety of foods and decorations and wanted to experience something different, but yet still fun,” said Kulia Fernandez, class president.

The night began with a quick paper airplane competition between tables to decide the order of the food line. Four Sisters Bakery catered the food, which included a prime rib station. Later, students could also enjoy the ice cream bar with their choice of toppings.

KS Maui alumni Brenden Uemura-Asao (’14) and Taimane Aina (’14) operated the photo booth. It was referred to as a “passport” picture station. Students could take pictures with their dates or their friends and instantly have the pictures printed from the booth and/or posted straight to Facebook.

Next Level Entertainment provided the entertainment; they played a wide array of music from slow dancing to music from High School Musical, dancing collectively to Electric Slide and ending off the next with a blast of techno.

“[It was fun] taking cute pictures with all my friends and dancing with everyone!” Drayer-Ho’opi’i said.