A night to remember

Junior Prom 2015


Photo by Alyssa Urayanza

Rachel Hillen and Pohaikealoha Artates have fun at the dessert table along with Keola Paredes and Ayla Forsythe at the junior prom at the Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse, April 24, 2015.

The junior class of 2016 and their guests prepared for a night to remember Friday, April 24, as boys and girls alike anxiously readied themselves for a night that most girls refer to as their “dream night”: prom. This year’s junior prom was held at the famous Marilyn Monroe House or King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse.

Students arrived by 6 p.m. and walked into a room beautifully decorated with beige and champagne colors. The theme for this year’s prom was “Timeless Elegance.”

“[I expected] lots of dancing and really good food,” Anela Severson said. “My favorite part was all of the lights.”

Upon arrival, students took formal prom pictures, with the option of a regular prom photo including them and their dates, or a group photo. There was also a free photo booth where students dressed up using different props and took fun photos with their friends.

Apart from the photos, there was a magnificent pink candy table filled with everything from chocolate kisses to rainbow marshmallow sticks. Student used little plastic bags to take a handful of candy back to their tables to munch on later.

After everyone had arrived, Kailey Kilborn said a short prayer and and students made their plates at the buffet. The food was delicious, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. After finishing dinner, they formed a line at the dessert table as everyone anxiously waited for a piece of sweet, delectable pie, and the line for the candy table was getting pretty long, too!

When dessert was finished and everyone began to settle down and Rylie Velez and Jrae Viela were crowned prom king and queen.

Juniors had voted for two people from their seminar class for prom king and queen, narrowing it down to two possible candidates per section of seminar — eight candidates total for the entire class. Then, each student voted again from among those eight candidates.

The juniors in Digital Video Production showed a slideshow of the class of 2016, which included a short skit about the many failed attempts of a boy, played by Rylie Velez, to ask a girl, played by Quinn Williams, to prom. The story, along with the many heartfelt memories and photos, were more than enough to put a smile on everyone’s face.

To start off the night, the DJ announced an “all couples” dance and played something slow as all the cute couples in the house made their way to the dance floor.

After a few slow songs, the DJ turned up the music. Some danced the night away, while others simply enjoyed time with their dates outside on the cool balcony overlooking the golf course.

“I was really expecting a [lame] dj, but [he was] actually playing really ‘get down on the beat’ music and I’m here with the most beautiful and lovely Kai Cambra, and we were just about to dance right now and ‘get down on it’,” Preston Watanabe said. “My favorite part of prom was probably the people.”

Overall, for the junior class of 2016 and their dates, this was a time they will never forget.