Homecoming week starts with Monday ‘blues’


Photo by Gabrielle Constantino

Homecoming week started with a boom as ʻEkolu, followed by Malino, performed Monday afternoon in the high school gym.

Homecoming week began with a blast as students arrived at school on Monday dressed in blue for the first day of five dress-up days this week, and the band ʻEkolu capped it off with a lively performance in the high school gym in the afternoon. 

An excited blue crowd invaded the gym waiting for the big reveal of which local band would be performing. Their identity was not a well-kept secret, but there were still many students who hadn’t heard the news by the time lunch ended. As the blue curtain in the gym rose and students heard the soothing jams of ʻEkolu, cheers roared across the gym.

The concert was off to a slow start, but once seniors made their way down to the floor to dance during the second song, members of the rest of the high school and middle school followed their example and joined in. 

Dancing students took a break when high school girls from various grades, such as  freshman Lihaumaikalani Keahi, sophomores Mikaela Bega and Meaaloha McCabe, and Senior Pohaikealoha Artates, performed a hula to one of band’s hula songs.

“I just love to dance hula, plus ʻEkolu was singing, so who could refuse?” Keahi said. 

‘Ekolu’s performance included songs like Stuck on You and a cover of All About That Bass. Just like a traditional local party, the concert ended with ʻEkolu’s cover of The Electric Slide.

Malino also stopped by to finish out with a second concert.

“The concert was so amazing. It was a great opportunity to be able to connect with our classmates and have fun. We are truly blessed to have this,”Kahealani Benjamin said.

Although many students, along with Benjamin, hope the homecoming concert becomes a tradition, that decision has yet to be made.

“Will it be a regular activity? I couldn’t say. The concert cost [a lot of money] and is not something that we could afford every year,” said Ms. Naomi Ashman, student activities coordinator.