Mock interviews serve purpose


Photo by courtesy of Ms. Mikell

Dressed in a professional business suit, Jonathan Kajioka begins his mock interview. The junior class went through their mock interviews on both Wednesday, Nov. 4, and Thursday, Nov. 5, on campus.

The junior class of 2017 arrived at school wearing proper business attire in preparation for their mock interviews on Wednesday, Nov. 4, and Thursday, Nov. 5, here at Kamehameha Maui.

Business members from the community volunteered to help students by providing them with the opportunity to experience a real job interview. The 22 interviewers included photographers, bank managers, radiologists, social service workers, and representatives from the health field. Workers from Akaku Media also came out to help.

The volunteers from Akaku interviewed junior Kila Hokoana.

“It was a new experience, and it was something I’ve never tried before,” Hokoana said.

Interviewers were looking at students as potential employees, observing their dress, behavior, preparedness, ability to think on their feet, communication skills, and other qualities necessary in the workplace.

“It’s important that students recognize that what we teach them in the classroom is also expected in the outside world,” Ms. Priscilla Mikell said. She is in charge of organizing the mock interviews, as well as setting up and overseeing student internships.

The mock interviews are there to also help junior students prepare for their internship interviews.

“This also teaches students social skills, how to be polite to adults in a professional manner, and how to dress in appropriate attire,” Ms. Mikell said. “These are valuable skills that the students can apply to their lives and careers.”

She went on to say how the mock interviews present students with opportunities and experiences that with help them through adulthood.

“It’s a great experience for students,” Hokoana said. “It was very professional, but I think I did pretty good. It was easier than I thought. The questions weren’t as complex as I thought, and I think it’s all about being prepared.”