Mr. Kraning, Haney donate ‘Ke Ānuenue’

In efforts to preserve Ke Anuenue, wearing gloves and using a tool to flip the pages are required.

Photo by Gabrielle Constantino

In efforts to preserve Ke Anuenue, wearing gloves and using a tool to flip the pages are required.

In remembrance of Poʻo Kula Lee Ann DeLima, Mr. Alan Kraning and Mrs. Gail Ann Haney have donated a rare book, Ke Ānuenue, written and illustrated by Juliette May Fraser. The book is available in the Hawaiian Resource Center at the Charles Reed Bishop Learning Center on the high school campus of Kamehameha Maui.

Mr. Kraning first met Mrs. DeLima when he was a substitute teacher at Lahainaluna High School when Mrs.DeLima was its vice-principal.

“Lee Ann DeLima was a remarkable woman who loved what she did and inspired many people,” Mr. Kraning said, regarding his reason for donating the gift.

Mr. Kraning and Mrs. Haney collect rare books, purchasing some of them from eBay. They especially like limited edition poetry books. Mrs. Haney had obtained Ke Ānuenue, for their private collection 10 years ago, on eBay. 

The book is comprised of twenty prints stored in a hardcover box. The book is divided into 11 chapters: Creation, Heroes, Worship, Pele, Invasion, Marching Men, Women in War, Communication, Touring, Learning, and Nā Pua.

Each chapter contains 1-2 illustrations.Each illustration is a linoleum print, which is made by carving into linoleum with a special tool, applying paint to the relief, and pushing the carved, painted surface onto paper. 

“The drawings are of Hawaiian scenes. A few have to do with war,” Mr. Kraning said. “They’re all printed by hand and then there’s a text that goes with each one.”

Published in 1952 by the University of Hawaiʻi Press, Ke Anuenue was written and illustrated by Juliette May Fraser. Fraser was nearly 100 years old at her death in 1984, was born in Honolulu on Oʻahu in 1887.

After graduating from Punahou, Fraser earned an art degree from Wellesley College. During the 30’s, Fraser was known as one of the muralists who painted murals for public buildings, but she had many accomplishments in her career. For more information on the artist, click here. 

Her artwork is treasured and continues to climb in value.

“[Fraser] is one of Hawaiʻi’s most remarkable women,” Mrs.Haney said. “Most recently, one of her paintings from her private collection was offered on eBay for $250,000.”

Because of the rarity and value of Ke Ānuenue , people who ask to view it will need to wear gloves to protect the pages.

Along with the book, Mr. Kraning, who is a substititute teacher at island schools including Kamehameha Maui, and Mrs. Haney left a note in dedication to Mrs.DeLima.

“I’m glad that they are honoring [Poʻo Kula] Lee Ann like this. She really deserved it,” said Mrs. Ramona Ho, librarian and curator of the center.