Seniors finish spring spirit week with close win


Photo by Faith Owan

Seniors Pohaikealoha Artates, Chantell Sakamoto, Ayla Forsythe, and Aeris Joseph-Takeshita wave after singing farewell in their class cheer routine. The class of 2016 took the spring spirit week “Clash of Classes” competition, winning both Step and Battle of the Bands.

Spring spirit week came to an end today at Kaʻulaheanuiokamoku Gymnasium with the class step competition, a senior cheer, and the announcement of the week’s winners. The senior class won the “Clash of Classes” competition, largely by winning the step and Battle of the Bands contests.

The assembly began with the step routines, and the freshman class performed their routine with confidence. Their fast-paced stomp beats and use of trending dance moves set them apart.

Next came the juniors (the sophomores did not enter), whose signature style came shining through with their unique beats. Emily “Haʻehaʻe” Kane pumped up her class as they showered her with red streamers.

The seniors ended the step routines with precision. The all-female team incorporated past cheer routines and fun, sassy new elements, which helped them with their win in this category.

The next event was senior cheer, a non-competition event, and after it was announced, the KS Maui student body got a surprise as the senior boys dance team came out to perform first.

Senior Bryson Funai was one of the dancers, and he said that the surprise had been in the works for about a week beforehand. Their team didn’t compete at the Kamehameha Best Dance Crew contest on Tuesday, but still wanted to showcase their routine.

Funai said that the crew didn’t participate on Tuesday because they weren’t ready, even though they’d had it planned it out.

“I think it was just the timing and stuff because a lot of sports were going on. A lot of boys couldn’t show up for practice,” he said.

The boys got together the night before at Covy Cremer’s house to “get the kinks out.” Funai thinks they came out strong, even though there were some struggles.

“I think they did great. A lot of them pulled it off,” Funai said. “A lot of people were having a really hard time last night because a lot of the soccer boys, it was their first time trying it out.”

Next, the class of 2016 performed a fun, energetic cheer that incorporated the other classes and ended with a nostalgic goodbye song. The senior class was the only class invited to do a cheer in the new format of spring spirit week.

Seniors class adviser Ms. Brandy Cajudoy said that she was proud of her senior step team and that they worked hard.

Overall, Ms. Cadjudoy wished for more participation in the last round of spirit week competitions.

“I think that we have a lot of work to do in order to make it what we really want it to be in the end,” she said.

Student body president Harley Gonsalves announced the winners for the week.

The results were:

Dress-Up Days Participation:

(The seniors were incorrectly named the winners of this category at the assembly.)


Kamehameha’s Best Dance Crew:
First (and only entry)—Freshmen

Battle of the Bands:


First—Seniors, 1950 points
Second—Freshmen, 1175 points
Third—Juniors, 875 points
Fourth—Sophomores, 300 points
Freshman Makena Carroll said that it was “fun to hear” that her class came in second overall, but hopes that next year her class can win.

“I thought it was pretty fun, and I want to do it every year, but earlier in the year,” Carroll said.

The assembly came to a close with the student body singing the alma mater and school fight song, a rainbow of class shirts mixing as students from different classes linked hands.