#WarriorRaid2017 to capture school spirit


Photo by Courtesy of @beachorwhut

Quinn Hottendorf, @beachorwhut, is Kamehameha Maui’s new Warrior mascot.

As the new school year begins, another Instagram hashtag arises, #WarriorRaid2017. The Associated Students of Kamehameha Schools Maui are encouraging high school students to use this new hashtag, along with #ksm21, to show their school spirit through social media.

The mission of #WarriorRaid2017 is to have a plethora of high school pictures from the 2016-2017 school year. ASKS president Kūlia Fernandez said that users should post “anything that shows school spirit or highlights of this high school year” to #WarriorRaid2017. The emphasis is showing spirit.

The #ksm21 tag is a Kamehameha Maui tag for posting photos of general school-wide events.

#WarriorRaid2017 was brought to life over the summer by this year’s student government. Fernandez said, “[The] student government officers and I really wanted to focus on school spirit and pride.”

Student government officers constantly met over the summer to plan an exciting first day of school, as they brainstormed on multiple ways to begin the year with a blast. At those meetings, Quinn Hottendorf, senior class president, volunteered to be the next high school Warrior mascot, and the hashtag was born.

“Seeing Rylie [Velez] do it last year and how pumped he could get the school looked like a lot of fun, so I decided to do it,” Hottendorf said. Hottendorf hopes to attend every football game dressed as the mascot, who will also make appearances at other events.

In addition to the first-day activities, hashtag, and new mascot, the student government plans to hold more functions and lunchtime activities to raise school spirit, and Fernandez said she hopes that when the school year is done, the student body will be able to reflect on the year and remember the good times through #WarriorRaid2017.