Sophomore sleepover turns to ‘winter social’


Photo by Courtesy of Kiare Cabanting

Sophomores gather around a fire pit roasting marshmallows for s’mores. Instead of sleeping over, sophomores spent an early night bonding with their class and their family.

Sophomores stayed back at school Friday, Dec. 9, for a chance to socialize and create better bonds among the class and their families.

At first, the class officers planned to have the traditional sophomore sleepover, but sophomore class president Lee-Joseph Franco said that due to “a lack of chaperones” the night was changed to a winter social, with students leaving campus at 10:00 instead of sleeping over as in previous years.

Along with the volunteer issue, there was also a wrestling tournament in the gym, where the sophomores normally stay.

But, the change to a winter social gave families the opportunity to come and enjoy the night with their students.

“It allowed us to bond over the fun activities that were planned and overall have a good time with one another,” Seana Lanias said.

The night began with a fleet-ball game at Kanaʻiaupuni Stadium, and coach Lemoe Tua served as the referee.

Sophomore Makaio Lorenzo guards over sophomore Taj Falconer, preventing him from running off with the ball.
Photo by Aaron Veincent
Sophomore Makaio Lorenzo guards over sophomore Taj Falconer, preventing him from running off with the ball.

After the game, students could swim at the Piʻilani pool, but for those who did not want to participate, a DJ kept the party going in Keʻeaumokupāpaʻiaheahe until the games were over, and everyone was showered and checked in.

Once gathered in the dining hall, the class and their families circled for a prayer and enjoyed dinner with one another.

Following dinner and the movie Home Alone, the students were surprised with Da Maui Sleigh, which gave them a ride around the student parking lot playing Christmas music along the way. Those waiting for a ride, took pictures with Santa.

Afterward, everyone returned to the cafeteria for a game of musical presents, which Brennan Mendez won, and the winner of the gingerbread-house-making contest, Kaelyn Kato, was announced.

In the musical presents circle the class sang an early happy birthday song for Victoria Ngalu and Chase Fevella, whose birthdays were the following day.

The sophomores finally collected around a fire pit to roast marshmallows and end the night.

“We all did have fun, and when it came to 10 p.m., no one wanted to leave,” sophomore Kiare Cabanting said.