Snapchat streakers keep connected


Photo by Meaaloha McCabe

Snapchat counts the days you continuously “snap” someone, this is called a streak.

I turn off my alarm with my eyes barely open, and soon after, my eyes immediately go to the bright yellow light, blinking off and on in my room full of darkness. I quickly pull my phone off its charger and open my Snapchat to make sure to say “GOOD MORNING!” to my fellow streakers (no not that kind of streaker). Having streaks on Snapchat is a new way to challenge ourselves to go on our phones daily (like, itʻs really a challenge).

Streaks on Snapchat are made when two people snap each other every day.
Photo by Meaaloha McCabe
Streaks on Snapchat are made when two people snap each other every day.

“It’s a tally of how many days you go back and forth messaging someone,” junior Alika Casil said. He currently holds the longest streak, 223, that I have ever heard of. Just 142 more days, and he’ll have a full year of streaks.

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Currently, my highest streak is 34 days and counting, as long as I don’t forget to snap my friend back. My first streak that I ever had was cut short when I went camping in Hāna, which is where cellphone service goes to die. My friend had service and quickly snapped a picture for her streak of 170, while I stared out the window and imagined my streak being burned by the emoji fire that sits close to the number of days my streak has been going on. Since then, every morning I immediately take a snap and send it to my friends so that I won’t break a streak.

“I stress out if I miss a day because itʻs like you lose all those precious days that you’ve been working on your streak,” sophomore Kiana Liu said. She has a streak of 64.

For some, streaks are very valuable, but for others, “Itʻs whatevah,” according to the Snapchat king himself, Alika Casil.

Snapchat is a great place to show off all the random things I see or do. I could be walking around, and I’ll snap a video of me walking, or I’ll snap a video zoomed in on someoneʻs face.

“If I’m outside, I’ll just take a picture outside or (of) my classmates,” freshman Madison Kamakana said. She has a streak of 107.

For me, my snaps are usually my Bitmoji greeting my friends hello and goodbye. A Bitmoji is “your personal emoji.” It’s an avatar that you can customize to look like you. It’s the next best thing after filters because you don’t have to take a picture of yourself. Instead, you can choose from hundreds of Bitmoji’s to find the best way to express how you feel without having to show your face.

A Bitmoji is a personal avatar that can be changed to look like the Snapchat user.
Photo by Snapchat
A Bitmoji is a personal avatar that can be changed to look like the Snapchat user.

Snapchat is a fun way of communicating, where ugly selfies are gone in the blink of an eye. It’s such a great app that other companies like Instagram, have tried to recreate their own version of Snapchat, but Snapchat just can’t be beat, so keep using it and continue to snap random things to keep those streaks going.

How long is your streak?