‘Kings and Queens’ finish with final formal


Photo by Courtesy of Kiare Cabanting

The senior class’s Kamehameha’s Best Dance Crew re-preform their step routine for their classmates and guests at their last formal, the senior ball, Saturday, March 11 at Kuakini Dining Hall.

The senior class of 2017 became kings and queens Saturday night at the middle school dining hall for their last formal event, senior ball.

“We started the whole ‘Kings and Queens of 2017’ thing sophomore year,” said Kūlia Fernandez, former class president, current student body president.

Ever since the idea was suggested by a classmate, they’ve used it on several posters for homecoming week, and she said that it just “stuck with them.”

Being the ball’s theme, it captured the memories of their past times together, especially during homecoming weeks.

When the students checked in, they were given cardboard crowns to wear for the night, so they resembled kings and queens.

Senior Tatiana Mendez wears her queen crown.
Photo by Courtesy of Kiare Cabanting
Senior Tatiana Mendez wears her queen crown.

The decorations were all sparkling gold in keeping with the royal theme. Adding to the atmosphere, the cafeteria lights were kept dimmed to keep the hanging patio lights shimmering in the dark.

Amid the theme and catered food by Four Sisters, the class was able to look back at their time together as they watched a slideshow that contained pictures of them that went as far back as  elementary school. Many welcomed the video with laughter and ‘awws.’

Following the slideshow was time to dance. At first the dance floor was bare, with only a few people going up and dancing at a time. Once all the lights were completely turned off though, it was as if the whole class tumbled onto the dance floor.

The night ended with the dance floor shifting between bare and filled as the DJ played requested songs.

“It’s sad that it was our last formal, but all-in-all, it was a really great night,” senior class president, Quinn Hottendorf, said.

Although the night went as planned, there were a few setbacks.For instance, the senior ball committee had planned on hosting the ball in the Pāki and Konia courtyard.

“We had to change the venue because we feared that it was going to rain,” said Kayla Nitta, class vice-president.

They also did not have their regular disc jockey. The committee had planned on getting Next Level as they usually do, but due to a cancellation, the committee used Maui DJ Services instead.

“I still enjoyed the night together with my friends,” senior Noelani Poepoe said.

Despite all the challenges the committee faced, the senior ball went smoothly with the classmates leaving with smiles on their faces, and crowns upon their heads.