Spirit Week dress-up wrap-up


Photo by Kauwilaikalunaokeao Gormley

Junior Nathan Ramos combs back his hair to get that ’50s style on Monday, Sept. 11. Kamehameha Maui students dressed in costumes all week long to celebrate spirit week leading up to the homecoming game on Friday.

A big part of any homecoming spirit week is the dress-up days. The dress-up days offer students the opportunity to show their spirit at school by dressing up in costumes and taking a break from wearing school uniforms. This year’s Spirit Week contained five different days all with different themes.

Monday led the week with a 50’s theme. Students could dress as people would in the 1950’s with their leather jackets and jeans or letterman jackets and sweaters. Students were dressed to rock around the clock like the cast of Happy Days or ready to rumble like the characters of The Outsiders.

Tuesday followed with Shark Bait day, which had an ocean and beach theme. Each of the days was designed to correspond to each of the classes’ movie themes. Monday was a representation of the freshmen’s movie Grease, and Tuesday was a nod to Jaws. Students could be anything that was beach-related like a fisherman, a fish, lifeguards, or divers. Students could find a great catch in costume choice, like in Finding Nemo, or be in “lifeguard pursuit” like in Baywatch.

The middle of the week, Wednesday, was marked with a Neverland theme. Students could dress as a pirate of Captain Hook’s crew or find their way as a lost boy, as the juniors’ movie was Peter Pan. In fact, the juniors’ t-shirt slogan was that they were “so fly” they “never land.”

As the end of the week approached, Thursday brought Mad Hatter Madness. It was billed as being “like Wacky Wednesday, but on a Thursday.” This time around wasn’t about nice outfits or cute makeup; this was all about being different and having mismatched clothes and outfits. The seniors’ movie was Alice in Wonderland, so there were also Queens of Hearts and other assorted characters from Wonderland.

“Mad Hatter Madness was my favorite dress-up day because I got to be crazy with my dress-up,” junior Nathan Ramos said.

Friday ended with the class t-shirt day. All students wore the same white t-shirt screenprinted with the spirit week theme, “Live in the Moment,” on the front and a design that represented their specific grade on the back. All were unique with different colors and catchphrases.

Not only were the dress-up days fun, showing the students’ spirit, but every costume was worth a point in the spirit competition between the classes. While nearly the entire student body dressed up, the seniors walked away with the win for wearing the most costumes at the end of the week.