Quad livened by lunch activities


Photo by Aaron Veincent

Seniors Inez Garcia and Mākena Pang skank in the quad at lunchtime, Monday. The Associated Students of Kamehameha Maui has announced plans to host both small and large events at lunch to promote school spirit.

The quad filled with haumāna Monday as the sound of local music and games were at the disposal.

Student activities coordinator, Kumu Taylissa Lehano, as well as the student government team, plans to keep up the high level of school spirit and participation with activities throughout the year.

“As an ASK [Associated Students of Kamehameha], we feel like we’ve establish a really good spirit level during homecoming week, so we want to make sure that we carry that out and not let it die down…the monthly activities with allow that spirit to stay alive,” Kumu Lehano said.

This Monday set off the beginning of a series of weekly events, whether they be “Majah Rajah Mondays,” with local music playing in the quad, or small activities like setting up a volleyball net and having volleyballs available to play with.

“Our plan is to have smaller activities once a week and a bigger activity once a month,” Kumu Lehano said.

Senior Kiha Mossman passes the ball in a game of four-square.
Photo by Aaron Veincent
Senior Kiha Mossman passes the ball in a game of four-square.

The plans for these events are similar to the monthly senior/freshman sibling events; however, these events will be open to all four classes to participate and join in.

“The smaller [events] can be like music in the quad, putting play equipment out, or playing movies in the dining hall. The bigger activities would relate to a holiday or a big event happening that month. For example, a dress-up day for Halloween or something similar to the cocoa day like last year during Christmas,” Kumu Lehano said.

Some of these activities will also include a competitive aspect to bring in more energy and fun.

These certain events may even be carried out tournament style with the possibility of lasting throughout the whole week, like the kickball and dodgeball tournaments that occurred last year.

“We expect the classes to keep their competitive edge, but [we also want to] bring them together as Warriors,” student body president Hunter Worth said.

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