Winter Ball brings ‘Frosty Night’


Photo by Aaron Veincent

Senior Tyerell Baldando-Kaleiopu leads the dance line. Winter Ball brought all four grade levels together for a night filled with fun before winter break.

Saturday night, Dec. 16, brought the 9-12 kula kiʻekiʻe haumāna their first winter ball since 2013.

“To continue the strong school spirit of the year, [the student government team] decided to have a winter ball,” student activities counselor Kumu Taylissa Lehano said.

The ball was planned by student government since early in the school year.

“Last year we had a spring dance, which students really enjoyed, so this year, we decided, ‘Why not give them more all-school dances?'” said Hunter Worth, high school student body president .

Almost 200 students returned their forms to attend, along with two canned goods for an entry fee.

The night’s theme was “Frosty Night” and was held at Keʻeaumokupāpaʻiaheahe.

Students check in with the entry-fee of two canned goods.
Photo by Aaron Veincent
Students check in with the entry-fee of two canned goods.

Guests were welcomed to hanging lights outside the dining hall and stepped in to a check-in table decorated with twinkling lights and a lighted palm tree.

After check-in, they were introduced cafeteria filled with even more lights.

Twinkling Christmas lights were draped from the ceiling and spread across the floor. The sparkling lights made for an icicle and snowy effect perfect for the night’s theme.

Each of the pure-white tables had lighted candles, shimmering decor, cool-colored Christmas ornaments in vases, and peppermint kisses scattered across table.

These centerpieces sat on square mirrors that reflected all of the lighting.

To show the true beauty of the lights, the room’s lighting was slightly dimmed.

There was food at the far side of the room, catered by Piko Cafe.

Besides tables of food, there was also a decorated Christmas tree and a hot cocoa bar, where guests warmed themselves up from the chilly night.

Haumāna also spent their time taking photos at a make-shift photo booth, which included props for them to use.

The booth was decorated with vibrant blue lights cascading like a waterfall down the wall along with several ornaments.

Other than decorations, the night was mainly spent on the dance floor.

Starting off slowly, haumāna eventually filled up the floor. Kahuku High School guests, who were staying on campus for a basketball tournament, also stopped by to enjoy the night filled with laughter, joy and fun.