Sophomores cherish time together, apart


Photo by Aaron Veinent

Sophomore Nainoa Antonio and senior guests Inez Garcia, Justice Rodrigues, and Kaella-Shaye Yasui check in for the night at Keʻeaumokupāpaʻiaheahe, Feb. 17. Sophomores were stuck between choosing to go to their class banquet or a Common Kings concert.

Once upon a time, there was a banquet and a concert on the same night: Feb. 17. Members of Ka Papa Wauke were faced with the problem of choosing to attend their class banquet at Ke’eaumokupāpa’iahiahi or go to the Common Kings & Friends concert at Maui Tropical Plantation.

The first offered a night of food, fun and fellowship, while the second featured popular bands, such as Sammy J, Landon McNamara, and Common Kings.

The sophomore student government changed the banquet’s original date to accommodate school athletes, but the new date ended up being in conflict with the concert.

“At first we had the banquet set for February 3, but since there was a lot of school sports conflicts we changed it to this Saturday,” sophomore class president Mahie Borge said.

Saturday had the “least school events” and was, therefore, chosen as the best day for the class to schedule their banquet, but, as often happens in fairy tales, the road to the big party wasn’t smooth.

The new date fell on the same day as the Common Kings & Friends concert, which was held on-island, and many students were also on the mainland at club cheerleading and volleyball tournaments, held over the long Presidents’ Day weekend.

“When I found out about the new date for the banquet, I was really bummed,” sophomore Kalle Aguirre said, “but I already committed to going with my family to the concert long before the date change.”

Aguirre and her family helped her uncle, Josh Cravalho, set up for the night’s event.

Most of her family was at the event, including ʻohana whom she hasn’t seen in two years, so for her, it was “an easy decision.”

“I would’ve loved to go to both, but it was an amazing concert full of great family memories, and I would do it again in a heartbeat,” Aguirre said.

Ka Papa Wauke has the time of their lives with each other even though some class members had to attend other events held on the same day.
Photo by Aaron Veincent
Ka Papa Wauke has the time of their lives with each other even though some class members had to attend other events held on the same day.

Meanwhile, 55 haumāna and their guests attended the class banquet to cherish time with one another through the night’s theme of “Once Upon a Time.”

“Although the Common Kings concert sounded fun, I just had a good experience with my banquet last year, so I wanted to have fun again this year,” junior Kaella-Shaye Yasui said.

Everyone who attended the banquet that night carried large smiles on their faces and danced the night away with their fellow classmates and guests.

“After all the planning and stress with the dates, I am happy with the night’s outcome and was glad to see everyone having a great time,” Borge said, as the students danced the night away and lived happily…for the rest of the night.