Flex blocks open doors of opportunity


Photo by Jonah Salomon

Freshmen Kenji Masuda, Po’okela Aiu and Shayana DeRego Ho’opai play hukihuki in the quad during their flex time, November 20. Flex time is a flexible block of time when students can meet with get work done, meet with teachers or socialize and build pilina.

Staff and students have new opportunities in the flex blocks that were added this year. Flex blocks are chunks of time, about 40 minutes or so, that are built into the school day and are open to be used for various activities.

For instance, students are able to schedule a meeting with a teacher if they need assistance, or they can hang out with friends if they want to. The new flex blocks are a great way to get things done.

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“I really like the flex block for when I need to finish homework before I go to my sport,” Jasyah Macugay said. “I also find it a great relaxer in the middle of the day. It isn’t all work and no break.”

Macugay has also taken it upon himself to organize activities in the flex time that takes place at the end of the school day on Wednesdays.

Last month, students gathered in the Charles Reed Bishop Learning Center to play Just Dance in an activity organized by Macugay.

“I wanted to make it so that everyone can enjoy themselves,” he said, “and Just Dance is for everyone. Like a language, dance can let out emotion.”

On that same day, people gathered in the quad to play Makahiki games as well. They enjoyed ʻulu maika and hukihuki

“I think being able to participate in Makahiki is good because it always connects us to what our kupuna did,” said Hawaiian instructor Kumu Ku’ulei Alcomindras-Palakiko.

One of the participants, sophomore Kevin Kaho’ohanohano, said, “I feel that it’s what connects us to our Hawaiian culture.”

Flex time is a mix of play and work. It is whatever students want it to be,

Sophomore Jaden Chang takes the time to socialize with peers but also to be productive.

“[Students could be] catching up on late work or doing work that is due and meeting up with teachers,” he said. “It’s always a good idea to check with a teacher to see if they’re open.”

Students who don’t know what to do during flex block should check the daily bulletin for updates about events that will be taking place or even organize their own.