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Nicole Kaauamo, sports co-editor

Nicole Kaauamo, Sports Co-Editor

As a safe haven for all thoughts random, Nicole Ka'auamo is your typical daydreamer equipped with a purple pen to make sure they get written down. Her mind is nothing but an organized mess of pop culture references, Tupac quotes, and irrelevant trivia.

Fortunately, the portal to La La Land closes with every kickoff and drop ball. As the co-editor of the sports section, she is keeping one main goal in sight--to give readers all they want and need to know to keep up with their favorite Warrior sports and players.  If some awards are won on the way, who can argue with that?

While she (admittedly) often prefers video game playing over story writing, she is determined to take Ka Leo o Na Koa to a place it has never seen before.

Will she be seeing the walls of her school more than she'd like? Yes.  Will she be getting the best action shots and interviews?  Yes.  Will she be putting in all the necessary work to make sure that this paper is everything she knows it can be?  Yes.

The "big dream" is not only to make her last year on this staff successful and memorable, but to make sure she has something to take with her.  Whether it's majoring in journalism in Las Vegas or creative writing in Oregon, Nicole is all about becoming better.

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Nicole Kaauamo